Elzbieta approaches wedding photography by documenting the day through a “visual artists eye.” Capturing the emotions and mood of the day, unobtrusively with candid photographs that reflect the energy of the people around her.
Elzbieta’s clientele is looking for an alternative to traditional wedding photography, they find in her work to be a fresh perspective. Her passion for people is reflected in the timelessness of her photographs.

“Each event is as unique as the people within them. Therefore, my documentation of their “story” is unique and from the heart. I believe, I am recording a time capsule for future generations to see and feel. I look for expressions on peoples faces and freeze a feeling in time, so whomever is viewing the image can identify with the emotions of the subject. To me... being there, not being noticed and capturing the energy of the day is what photojournalism is all about.”
- Elzbieta

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